Upcoming Events

We will be next attending the Bristol Record Fair on the 3rd September 2022.

Bring one record we will restore it for free.

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We will be attending the UK Audio Show 8-9th October 2022.

Charles Kirmuss, the founder and CEO of Kirmuss Audio hopes to be presenting a seminar on both Saturday and Sunday.

Subjects will include:

  •      Record manufacture, how ultrasonics actually work and clean
  •      Why the need to change the charge of a record in order for an ultrasonic wave to reach the bottom of the grooves
  •      How to test an ultrasonic system to prove it is actually cavitating, using simple to do at home, using an ultrasonic industry standard method and prove is not just producing bubbles for show or damaging your pride and joy.
  •      Plus more.

Click on the image to link to their website.

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