Purchase of Surfactant

KirmussAudio only supplies our Surfactant to owners or those purchasing a KA-RC-1. If you are an owner and wish to purchase our Surfactant please contact us.

This restriction does not apply to our Other Accesories

Understanding Ultrasonic Cleaning

Understanding how Ultrasonic Cleaning works is key to deciding which machine to purchase. KirmussAudio has spent 3 years developing this ground breaking Cleaner. We have used science and methodical testing and development to produce our system. The following link provides a brief overview.

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Why Choose our Ultra-sonic Restoration System?

Our experience over many years of using Ultra-sonic cleaning systems in the Electronics Industry, provided us with the background knowledge to bring an affordable, safe and effective Cleaner to the Record market. We used real Science to do this.

Three years of testing, measuring and evaluating how Ultra-sonics clean records have brought to you our ground breaking system. The following provides a brief oversight into why and how we came up with the KirmussAudio System.

The KirmussAudio System has the records spaced at the correct distance. To clean effectively records must be spaced to allow safe and effective cleaning, too close and cleaning will not be up to the wax line. The Frequency and Power transmitted by the Ceramic Sonic Transducers and their resulting Cavitation effect has to be taken into consideration with the proximity of the records to one another.

Kirmuss thus Engineered a system where Four Records are safely and properly cleaned, cleaning all the grooves, without wetting the label. Four records safely and securely suspended correctly in a stainless steel bath along with 6 litres of Distilled Water, with 40 ml of Isopropyl Alcohol 70%.

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