Charles Kirmuss' Seminars

KirmussAudio Debunks Record Cleaning Myths at Audio Shows we are attending.

For decades, vinyl enthusiasts have been misled by a plethora of cleaning remedies and myths that, in fact, may harm both the record and the audiophile! At this year's UK Audio Show, to a packed room Charles Kirmuss offered an educational insight into general record manufacturing and an understanding of why most current cleaning methods fail to work effectively.

Furthermore, the chemistry of both records and cleaning solutions was discussed in relation to the Triboelectric Chart and how ultrasonic technology may come to the rescue to undo the effects of decades of misapplied cleaning agents. This informative session asked:

  • What is a surfactant and how does it apply to record cleaning?
  • What is an ultrasonic?
  • How to test to see whether an advertised ultrasonic machine is a sonic bubbler or if it actually uses cavitation?

This seminar addressed concerns that audiophiles have had for decades about how to care for their record collection. Plus, we called for vinyl lovers to bring in a record from home so it can be restored at a show! A turntable was be available for "before and after" auditions.

This year, Charles Kirmuss, a Canadian expat and owner of Kirmuss & Associates, Denver, USA, celebrates 43 years in the audio industry. A decade ago, he created an affordable record groove restoration process - not a record cleaner - using its materials ionisation process, coupled with a resonance added to a 35 KHz ultrasonic. This process does not simply surface clean or shine a record, rather it safely and uniformly removes the record's release agent (a pressing oil termed by the Shure Brothers in the 70s), where pops and unwanted noises reside. This process is globally recognised by leading manufacturers of audio equipment, including Jeff Rowland Design, Magnepan, Margules, and Yamaha Canada, as well as turntable manufacturers, such as Oracle, Acoustic Signature, and Helix. Charles's seminars are always informative and entertaining. He is especially focused on answering any questions the audience may have.

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