Testimonial - Professor Lowell E. Graham

We have kindly received Dr. Graham's approval to reproduce his email to Charles Kirmuss :-

Dr. Kirmuss:

I want to share my absolute delight and astonishment with the Ultrasonic Vinyl Restoration System.  This must be a "best buy" for the benefit of ultrasonics to restore LP sonics to their potential.  Over the past five decades I have used many DIY and professional cleaning systems.  Let me jump right to the point, none of those systems have come close to the sonic benefits I am experiencing with this system.  To use an old cliché, it is like opening a window.  This simply is dramatic.  My collection is rather well kept except for some used records that I picked up, but what I now hear from them is a revelation.  This cleaning solution is simple, effective and impactful.  Thank you.

Kind regards

Lowell E. Graham, D.M.A

Director of Orchestral Activities

Abraham Chavez, Jr., Professorship in Music
Professor of Conducting


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