The only tool that allows simple, quick and repeatable confirmation that the top surface of your cartridge is perfectly level in BOTH horizontal axes – front/back (SRA) & left/right (azimuth)

  • Displays the effect on Stylus Rake Angle (SRA) by adjustments to azimuth and vice versa
  • Once you find your ideal azimuth, WallyReference will allow you to re-adjust SRA so that it remains unaffected by the change to azimuth
  • An essential tool for finding the ideal SRA for your specific cartridge
  • Quickly and easily move your cartridge to other tonearms with the same ideal SRA and azimuth angles

Includes personalized support from WAM Engineering

WallyReference FAQs HERE

For U.K. and EU market: WallyReference sold in the combo kit variant only. The combo kit is for use on both indirect azimuth and true azimuth tonearms



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